Thunder Dungeon has always been about creating original content and filtering through all of the unfunny crap on the internet (and there is a TON of it).

We present you with what we believe is the most ridiculous, interesting, and/or other superlative! We all have jobs and time is precious. So if you’re looking at one of our products (app/site/page), you know we only post the best.

You will NEVER see a Thunder Dungeon logo or watermark on any content that we have not created ourselves. The internet is a kindergarten classroom where sharing is caring and nobody like the only child that hogs the markers.

We DO NOT screenshot, trim, crop or edit out any attributions. We absolutely hate the POS’s that try to pass off the hard work of others as their own. We believe the source should always be shown and great work promoted. Should you find any content on our site that you have created and wish it to be removed, please contact us with a link to the original posting and we will be happy to remove it. If you contact us between the hours of 8:00AM – 2:00AM (Eastern) we will be sure to respond within the hour.

Also, if we have posted something you created and you don’t want it removed, but rather want some well-deserved kudos, feel free to contact us and it would be OUR PLEASURE to add your credit to the content. Unlike other websites we will never claim other work as our own and we’re all about finding and promoting the funny people.