Mic Drop: 30 Epic Text Quits That Will Make You Want to Follow Suit

Quitting jobs by texting

We've all fantasised about ditching a soul-crushing job with a perfectly scathing resignation letter. But for some brave souls, a simple text message is all it takes. This collection features 30 of the funniest quitting-by-text stories we've encountered, perfectly capturing the frustration and sheer liberation of saying "I quit" on your own terms.

Get ready to celebrate the glorious act of quitting with a dose of side-splitting humor. This gallery features screenshots of text message conversations where employees decided to forego formalities and break the news to their bosses in the most unexpected (and often hilarious) way possible. You'll encounter quitting messages that are blunt and honest, laced with dry sarcasm, or playfully sassy. Prepare to be inspired by employees who reclaimed their power with a perfectly timed text, leaving their managers speechless (and probably a little bewildered).

You've just scrolled through a collection of texting resignation stories so funny, they almost make quitting sound tempting. You've cackled at the audacity of some messages, secretly admired the fearlessness of the quitters, and maybe even jotted down a few ideas for your own future exit strategy. This post served as a hilarious reminder that sometimes, the best way to deal with a bad job is to walk away (or, in this case, text away) with your head held high.

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