Do Americans Really…? 20 Mind-Boggling American Habits That Confuse the Rest of the World

Do Americans really...?

Ever notice how American customs seem perfectly normal to us, but utterly bizarre to everyone else? I mean, tipping strangers for doing their job, refilling your own drink at restaurants, and wearing shoes indoors all seem like common courtesies here. But for visitors from other countries, they can be a source of endless confusion. This post dives into 20 uniquely American habits that leave foreigners scratching their heads (and maybe a little horrified).

These 20 photos shed light on the peculiarities of American life. We've got a picture of a bill with a tip line highlighted (because tipping etiquette is a mystifying social contract for many foreigners, who are unsure of who to tip and how much). The American love affair with oversized portions is illustrated with an image of a plate overflowing with food (because portion sizes in the US can be shockingly large compared to other countries). Our obsession with free refills is showcased with a photo of a bottomless soda fountain (because unlimited sugary drinks seem like a strange perk to many). The great debate of public restroom shoes is brought to life with a picture of someone wearing shoes in a bathroom stall (because the concept of shoeless bathrooms is unheard of in many cultures). And of course, we have a photo of a drive-thru window (because ordering fast food from your car is a quintessentially American experience that baffles people from countries with more pedestrian-oriented cultures. These images highlight the cultural differences that can seem glaringly obvious to outsiders, but completely normal to us. So get ready for a lighthearted exploration of the strange and wonderful ways Americans do things.

You scrolled through a gallery of 20 photos, each one a glimpse into the peculiarities of American life. The bill with a tip line made you chuckle, remembering the confusion on a friend's face from overseas when they first encountered tipping. The over-flowing food plate picture sparked a moment of self-reflection about portion sizes in the US. The bottomless soda fountain image brought back memories of guilt-free refills as a kid (and a sugar rush you wouldn't want to relive). The bathroom shoe photo made you consciously take off your shoes out of habit, then wonder why Americans keep them on in such a place. And the drive-thru window picture filled you with a pang of nostalgia for those late-night fast food runs. By the end, you were left with a renewed appreciation for the unique customs of your own culture, and a deeper understanding of why they might seem so strange to others.

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