35 Tattoos Memes to Help Bide Your Time Between Inking Sessions

Tattoo memes

Ah, tattoos. Those permanent reminders of our youthful decisions (or questionable taste in fonts). They're a badge of honor for some, a cautionary tale for others. This collection of 35 tattoo memes is for everyone who's ever sported a tramp stamp in their early twenties, cried over the bill after a six-hour session, or accidentally scheduled their appointment on the same day as a spicy burrito lunch (because who knew blowouts were a thing?).

These 35 tattoo memes are a hilarious tribute to the joys (and tribulations) of the tattoo life. We've got memes that capture the pre-tattoo jitters (because let's face it, commitment is scary), the inevitable sticker shock (those hourly rates add up faster than you think), and the post-tattoo aftercare woes (who knew lotion could be such a chore?). There are memes that celebrate the questionable decisions of our youth (that tribal armband might not be aging so well), the hilarious misspellings that become permanent souvenirs (because apparently, grammar wasn't our strong suit in high school), and the uncanny resemblance some tattoos end up having to drunk doodles (did we really think a stick-and-poke dragon was a good idea?). But through it all, there's a underlying love for the art form itself. These memes are a reminder that even the most regrettable tattoos become a part of our story, a permanent reminder to laugh at ourselves (and maybe schedule a consult for laser removal for that particularly embarrassing piece).


You scrolled through a gallery of tattoo memes, each one a prickly reminder of your own ink-stained journey. You cringed at the tramp stamp meme, winced in sympathy at the exorbitant bill meme, and secretly questioned your burrito choice after seeing the blowout meme. The pre-tattoo jitters meme had you flashing back to your first inking experience, while the lotion aftercare meme made you vaguely regret skipping that moisturizing session. A chuckle escaped your lips at the tribal armband meme, and a full-blown laugh erupted at the grammatical error meme (because whose high school self was a spelling champion?). By the end, you were left with a newfound appreciation for the dark humor of questionable tattoos, realizing that even the most regrettable ink can be a badge of honor (and a source of endless amusement).

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