40 Autocorrect Fails That Will Make You Second Guess Sending Texts

Autocorrect fails

Ever sent a text and wondered if autocorrect was tipsy? Welcome to the world of autocorrect fails, where 'duck' becomes an unexpected expletive and 'meeting' morphs into a medieval battle. In this compilation of 40 laugh-inducing screenshots, we'll witness the comedic chaos that ensues when our phones play grammar police a little too enthusiastically.

In these snippets of hilarity, I witnessed the havoc autocorrect wreaks on our attempts at communication—the accidental professions of love to a boss or the bewildering conversations resulting from 'predictive' text. Venturing into the depths of the web, 'funny autocorrect fails' and 'texting mishaps' dominate social media feeds and forums, inviting countless users to share their 'auto-corrected' embarrassments. Embrace the cringe and chuckles as these mishaps continue to tickle funny bones across the digital landscape.


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