Meme Dump – 25 Crispy and Crunchy Memes For Lunch

Phil is one of the co-founders of Thunder Dungeon (the short one). As a result he spends his time simultaneously on the internet and in a dark, windowless room.

4 responses to “Meme Dump – 25 Crispy and Crunchy Memes For Lunch”

  1. Andrew says:

    I agree with everyone else in the website…it’s…atrocious. Two thumbs down.

  2. Michelle Ramirez says:

    I really miss the old website. This is so difficult to navigate. Why!?! 😭😭🪦

  3. Emmet Royal says:

    Why bro. Please why. What have ye done to the website bro. Please. This is like trying to use a spatula to paint the mona lisa

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