Comment $ Winners for June 2!

We've been loving the comments and conversations you've all been having on every post, so we wanted to up the number of opportunities to win. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be doing a comment winners post. Each winner will receive and instant $5 into their account.

One of the prizes will ONLY be selected from comments made on posts in The Dungeon User Sub. Those comments can be made on any of the Newest, Rising, or Thunder tabs. Click the Bolt icon on the main screen to see those posts.

One of the prizes will be selected from comments on any post outside of the Dungeon User Sub. Here are todays winners!

The Dungeon User Sub Winner: timree! The Dungeon is still the EASIEST place to win money, so be sure to comment in there as well. There's honestly a fraction of the comments to choose from so your chances of immediately making $5 from a comment are insanely high.

Main Feed Winner: chuckieknuckles ! Check your email for details.


We don't have any information about the author, but from what we can tell, they are an enigma!

2 responses to “Comment $ Winners for June 2!”

  1. chuckieknuckles says:

    Finally, my relentless internet shit-commenting has found a welcoming home

  2. thunderdungeon⚡️ says:

    Great work today everyone. The comment sections have been hilarious to read and we’re loving all you beautiful people. Keep up the good work

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