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<a href="https://www.boltmug.com">www.boltmug.com </a> <- 3 Years ago we set out to invent a heated mug that you could put in the dishwasher (we are lazy, you see). So we did. Our BOLT Heated Mug keeps your tea or coffee at the perfect temperature for 4+ hours. We here at Thunder Dungeon wanted to actually make something that people would like and use, rather than just hawk random products. It still amazes us that we actually did, and that thousands of people are already enjoying it. We couldn’t do it without you. Have a look and tell us what you think! <a href="https://www.boltmug.com">www.boltmug.com </a> Love, Roy and Phil.

Phil is one of the co-founders of Thunder Dungeon (the short one). As a result he spends his time simultaneously on the internet and in a dark, windowless room.

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