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The THUNDER BLAST #3 - Comment to win $

(another congrats to DobbysFlipFlop, ProbieWan, and Dlew who won the last one!)

Here’s a fresh THUNDERBLAST and the rules are simple). 

Read the questions and comment your answer. The top 3 answers will be chosen by the mods and the winning users will be showered in cash (more details in the monetization tab if you’re wondering). Simple as that. 

APP USERS: If you’re reading this on the app, congrats and just toss your answer below. 

If you DON’T HAVE THE APP download it – – > HERE < – – 

  1. Open the shiny new app
  2. Find this bright yellow post near the top
  3. Comment your answer.

We’ll make another post on announcing the winners. (winners will also get an email). 

Every few days the questions will change and new winners will be selected. Good luck.