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Dungeon Submission Contest Winners: Week 4 - PLUS 24 Days of Thundmas

Congrats to the winners this week!ย 

We will be sending out emails Saturday to those who won. FYI itโ€™s whatever email you have connected to your usernames.

If you didnโ€™t win, we will be doing it every week from here until INFINITY (or until we run out of money. Whichever happens first).

Weโ€™ll still count submissions over the weekend, but for sanityโ€™s sake we just make the announcements Monday and Friday.

Check the monetization tab in the app’s menu for more details if you don’t know what the F we are talking about.

Also, if you have any charity suggestions as per-our 24 DAYS OF THUNDMAS, pop them in the comments on the bottom of this post.


Roy and Phil.