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Dungeon Submission Contest Winners: Week 3-November 8th

Boom goes the dynamite! Congrats to the winners this week. Thanks for making it a hilariously entertaining week.

We will be sending out emails Saturday to those who won. FYI it’s whatever email you have connected to your usernames.

If you didn’t win, we will be doing it every week from here until INFINITY (or until we run out of money. Whichever happens first).

We’ll still count submissions over the weekend, but for sanity’s sake we just make the announcements Monday and Friday.

Check the monetization tab in the app’s menu for more details if you don’t know what the F we are talking about.

We love you beauties and couldn’t do it without you. Our #1 priority is Users above all (including profit). You’re helping us fix the internet and having fun while doing it.


Roy and Phil.