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Big news! Thunder App USER SUB CONTEST: Earn cold hard cheddar for your memes 

Big announcement. We are going to finally be launching our user submission competition in THE DUNGEON. This is the first small step in our effort to PAY YOU for the content you submit.

Every week, we will be giving away CASH prizes for THREE top posts submitted and the TWO top comments.

How to Enter:

1 Navigate to the side menu. Create account under the “Settings Tab” (GEAR BUTTON)

2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Submission Tab” (PLUS SIGN).

3. Create and submit.

That’s it!

Make sure your notifications are turned on, and the app will let you know when your post is live and entered.

Contest goes from EVERY MONDAY to THURS (midnight). Winners will be announced every Friday.

Contest Judging Criteria:

Posts and Comments will be judged by the following criteria:

  1. Originality – the more original the joke or thought, the higher chance that you will be a winner.
  2. User interaction – We want to see how well your comedy resonates with our other app users. Views, comments, and shares will be factored in to the decision-making.
  3. Laugh factor – Every post will be reviewed by our team personally. If you make us laugh real hard, you’re in good shape.

NOTE: You are not limited to any number of posts. HOWEVER, we are looking for quality over quantity. We are not using any algorithms so spamming a bunch of un-funny posts will not help your chances. EVERY submission will be looked at and judged objectively.

AGAIN: Winners will be selected every Thursday night and announced every Friday morning. The contest will reset every Monday.

Good luck!