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NEW UPDATE OUT, SUPER SECRET news, and yes dark mode is coming...

…. but it’s not here yet. We’ve heard your thousands of requests and YES, Phil and are going to put our resources into making dark mode happen. We were waiting for IOS’s 13 to drop so we can develop both Android and IOS simultaneously. BUT YES, YOU WILL HAVE IT.

When you update, could you do us a MASSIVE favour and rate and/or review the app if you like it. It just takes a few clicks and means A LOT to Phil and I. 




Without further ado, in this update we fixed: 

⚡️ Music Interruption Glitch: Listen to your music and podcasts as you scroll with no cut out. We identified the bug and fixed it. Enjoy Darude Sandstorm on repeat uninterrupted. 

⚡️Video Players Work: We have a ton of video content coming your way now that they’re fixed. We’re gonna drop some heat in the VidCaps.

⚡️The Dungeon Feed Smart Memory: She’ll now remember exactly the post you exited from instead of shooting you back to the top. 

⚡️Twitter Sharing: Some weird overlay was happening and now it’s fixed. Congrats.

⚡️Reduced Consumption: We axed the number of SDK’s down to 1. No extraneous calls are being made and should drastically increase load speeds. 

⚡️Global Timezones: For the international users, the post clocks are fixed to your local time. Not a big update, but I’m OCD about certain things. 


AGAIN, please take the few seconds and drop us a rating / review if you like it. Everything we do is for you, the users. We couldn’t do it without your support. 


From the bottom of our cold, dead hearts,

We Love You 🖤

Roy n Phil 

PS. Super Secret News:

You’re being told here first. Next week, Phil and are making preparations to launch a weekly user submission, comment and community competition. We’re still ironing out the details. 

Starting October 21st, (and every week after that) we will be paying you beauties who love and use the app COLD HARD CASH.

Details will follow, but the idea is simple. You use the app. You see the ads. The ads make money and YOU should be entitled to be a part of the success you helped create. Fake internet points and merch don’t pay the rent.  It’s a small step, but at least it’s in the right direction.