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Thanks to your insatiable appetite for 24 hour content and your love of sharing our content around the globe at an alarming rate, Phil and I decided it was time to upgrade the site to better serve you. (App and Main Site)

Our old servers couldn’t quite handle the ridiculous traffic spikes, so we had to find another option. Starting some point this evening and (hopefully) finishing by the morning, we will have everything transitioned over. 

Once again, everything we do is with the user (you sexy fool) in mind and content first. YES we could sell t-shirts and have pop up ads with promoted posts to rapidly grow the site, but guess what… I hate that shit. Sites that do that forget about what made them great and become an unsustainable clickbait merchandise machine. We’ve always set out to make the site as lean as possible and reinvest every dollar into the experience. You are our users, not our “customers.”

Yes it’s slower and yes you’ll have to deal with some hiccups. Trust us, it will be worth it in the long run.

The new servers (3 GEO located near you) will be 1000000x fasters and considering this entire operation (Site, App, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook) is run by two computer illiterate degenerates, I think we’re doing ok.

Thank you for your patience.


Roy n Phil