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12 Mundane things you get way too proud of yourself for doing

There are certain day-to-day things we do that should be no-brainers. However, being an adult is hard. For some weird reason, when we accomplish these totally mundane tasks, we become overjoyed with “adultness.”

1) Not throwing out the cooking instructions before you’re done with them.

You should be actually be proud of following the instructions at all, instead of just winging it and burning your mouth on food that’s somehow both piping hot and ice cold. If you managed to get through the meal prep without having to fish the box out of the recycling to re-read the directions, then you are absolutely killing the whole adult thing.


2) Cleaning your pots and pans without letting them “soak” for days on end.

On the whole cooking front, the pride you feel in yourself when you clean up your mess in a timely manner is probably overkill. But even though it should be automatic, the immediate cleanup is a badge of honour you can lord over everyone you live with.


3) Actually checking the mail.

You do this so infrequently these days you never know what you’re going to find in there.


4) Holding the door open for someone.

Admit it. You fee like a real smug b*stard when you get an opportunity to show how polite you are by doing this. And you know if you don’t get that “thank you” you’re gonna be tossing so much stink eye at the person’s back.


5) Thanking someone for holding the door open for you.

Listen you smug b*stard. I know what you are doing. If you think your politeness has anything on MY politeness you’ve got another thing coming.


6) Taking the stairs.

The bare minimum level of exercise you are doing by taking the stairs instead of the escalator totally means you’re having a healthy day, right? RIGHT??


7) Calling your parents when you don’t actually need anything from them.

Like, you know they birthed you and kept you from dying and everything, but you REALLY don’t want to talk to them. If you call them, though, it’s because because you are a really, really good person….


8) Ordering takeout and not eating the whole shebang in one sitting.

That’s right, actually having leftovers is the proudest part of your day. You only ate three slices of pizza? Good on you! Bonus points if you didn’t immediately scarf it all down the second you got up the next morning.


9) Dusting.

You like to keep a pretty clean house, but you can count on one hand how many times you’ve actually dusted it. Tackling these little dirt monsters is the biggest accomplishment of your day when you finally get around to it.


10) Remembering to take out the garbage/recycling on the appropriate pickup day.

No embarrassingly full bins for you this week buddy! Now if only you could get them to take that 6 month old Christmas tree…


11) The “Clean Pinch.”

It’s not like you have much control over the old b-hole, but when you manage to settle down for a good #2 and the first wipe comes back clean, you’re gonna feel proud of yourself. Don’t lie.


12) Waking up without a hangover.

Don’t take this one for granted. Whether it’s because you went out and took it easy, or you did the responsible thing and stayed in, waking up hangover-free is something you always feel proud of. Even though, realistically, that’s how you should probably be waking up most mornings. But whatever.


It’s probaby safe to say that these little things are really nothing to be proud of. However, there are two types of people in this world: people who get smug about accomplishing these kinds of mundane adult tasks, and liars.